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A Personal Touch From Start to Finish and Beyond

Discover the difference with The Landscape Group KC, where our passion meets your garden. From landscaping design to hardscaping, we turn your outdoor visions into reality, ensuring every project meets our high standards.

Leading Landscaping Company in Blue Springs, MO, and the Surrounding Areas

Personalized Customer Experience

We redefine the landscaping experience by ensuring a personal touch in every customer interaction.

Expertise and Passion

Our founder brings a lifetime of landscaping passion and expertise to deliver unparalleled service.

Commitment to Service Excellence

We guarantee the highest level of service, treating every project, big or small, with priority and dedication.

Values-Driven Approach

Our foundation is built on respect and lasting relationships, shaping the way we engage with every client.

Unmatched Landscaping Journey

Dive into a world where each service, from landscaping to lawn care, is a step towards perfection. Our landscape services breathe life into your visions, creating stunning outdoor spaces. With our irrigation & drainage solutions, we guarantee efficiency and sustainability. Our landscaping design ensures your greens remain pristine, while our hardscaping transforms your outdoor areas into artistic statements. Experience the harmony of functionality and aesthetics with The Landscape Group KC, a top landscaping company in Blue Springs, MO, serving all of Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Discover the difference our commitment to excellence can make!

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Top-Quality Landscaping Services Today

Quality Service Meets Excellence

At The Landscape Group KC, we don’t just offer landscaping services; we deliver an experience tailored to your specific needs. As a leading landscaping company with 22 years in the field, our commitment to top-notch customer service sets us apart. Proudly serving all of Kansas City and the surrounding areas, we stand out as a beacon of quality in Blue Springs, MO. Nathan’s hands-on approach ensures that from start to finish, your project receives the attention it deserves, resulting in a space that not only looks good but also thrives. Choose us for a partner who values your satisfaction above all.

Our Full Range of Services

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Dive into our unmatched landscaping services, where beauty meets functionality. We specialize in sustainable designs and meticulous maintenance to create your ideal outdoor sanctuary. From innovative solutions to aesthetic enhancements, our team ensures your space is both stunning and sustainable.

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Irrigation & Drainage

Choose our expertise in irrigation and drainage to protect and enhance your landscape's health. We offer comprehensive services from expert installation to maintenance, focusing on efficiency, system longevity, and safeguarding your outdoor investment against water-related issues.

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Lawn Care

Our lawn care services are second to none, ensuring your lawn remains lush, healthy, and vibrant. We provide everything from expert installation to top-notch maintenance, aimed at redefining your outdoor living experience and making your landscape a model of health and beauty.

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Landscape Design

At the heart of our services is landscape design, where creativity meets functionality. We craft inspiring and relaxing spaces, transforming your outdoor area into a breathtaking retreat. Let us bring your dream landscape to life, creating a peaceful oasis for relaxation and inspiration.

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Our hardscaping services utilize innovative materials like gravel, paving, and stones to create stunning, durable outdoor areas. We focus on transforming your yard into an enhanced, appealing space that stands the test of time. Let us craft a masterpiece for your home.

Areas Served

Serving Blue Springs, MO, and beyond. Let’s transform your outdoor space!

  • Blue Springs, MO

  • Grain Valley, MO

  • Independence, MO

  • Lee’s Summit, MO

  • Liberty, MO

  • Oak Grove, MO

  • Leawood, KS

  • Lenexa, KS

  • Mission, KS

  • Overland Park, KS

  • Prairie Village, KS

  • Shawnee, KS