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The Landscape Group Fetilization & Weed Conrol Frogram

Fertilization & Weed Control 
A  fertilization program with fertilizer and weed control is vital for the health and beauty of your lawn. A well fertilized lawn develops a stronger root system that can help battle common stresses such as weeds, mowing and extreme cold and heat. Regular fertilization will also help your lawn grow stronger, thicker and resulting in vibrant color. Contact us to get set-up with our 6-step fertilization program. 

A personal touch from start to finish and beyond.

Our 6-step fertilization program includes grub control, weed control and fertilization throughout the growing season.

6-Step Fertilization Program

Application 1 Fertilizer & Per-Emergant

Applied Between


Application 1 consist of fertilizer and pre-emergent. The fertilizer will help your lawn green up nicely after coming out of winter dormancy and the pre-emergent will start preventing grassy weeds from emerging.

Applied Between


Application 2 consist of the second round of pre-emergent and spraying of weed control. The second round of pre-emergent will continue to prevent grassy weeds and the weed control will control summer weeds like dandelions and broadleaf weeds.

Application 2 Per-Emegent & Weed Control.
Application 3 Grub Control & Summer Fertilizer

Applied Between

June - July

Application 3 consist of grub control, summer fertilizer and spot spraying weeds in your lawn. Grub control will reduce the risk of grubs feeding

on grass roots and organic matter in the soil. If grubs go untreated they can kill off areas in

your lawn.

Application 5 Early Fall Fertilizer
Fungicide Application

Applied Between

 July - September

Application 4 consist of spot treating any weeds or nutgrass in your lawn areas.

Applied Between

September - October

Application 5 consist of early fall fertilizer and spot treat for broadleaf. Early fall fertilizer helps rebuild your turf from a long hot summer and prepare your turf for the upcoming cooler temperatures. Spot treating nutgrass and broadleaf weeds.

Applied Between

 October - December

Application 6 consist of late fall fertilizer. Fall fertilizer prepares your lawn for going into dormancy, fall fertilizer also helps your lawn green up earlier in the spring with a deeper color of green.



Lawn fungus can take your lawn from beautiful to ugly in only a few short days. Fungus can quickly spread, and once it reaches enough of your lawn it can be extremely difficult to stop. If your lawn is prone to fungus, we can help set you up with a fungicide application plan.

Application 4 Spot treating weeds & Nutgrass
Application 6 Late Fall Fertilizer
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