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The proper drainage around your house or in your yard can help prevent foundation issues, soil erosion and those pesky mosquitoes that like standing water.

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Four Common Drainage Practices We Use In Our Industry. 


Burying Downspouts

The main reason for burying the downspout is to carry the water away from the foundation and to prevent soil erosion and foundation issues years down the road, by installing pipe underground.

French Drain.jpg

French Drain

A french drain is a trench, lined with gravel or small rocks, which is designed to direct water away from an area through a perforated pipe. A French drain can help property owners to prevent water from pooling within their yards.


Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds can be used in areas that have fast moving water or areas with high volumes of water. Dry creek bed can be a design element to your yard but still serving a purpose. 

Drainage Swales

Drainage swales are one of several types of surface drainage systems that slowly filter runoff water as it sinks into the soil while redirected to another location. Swales are typically covered with either grass or another type of vegetation. That makes them easy to blend into the environment and landscaping.

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